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      The available report options are:

      • PDF/DataFile Name:  Enter a name for the data file and/or PDF file.  The name entered will be used for both the data file and PDF.  Both files are saved to the downloads folder on the user’s machine.  The data file will have the extension ‘.rsl’, and the report will have ‘.PDF’.  The PDF report is viewable in most browsers, but for optimal performance, viewing with Adobe Reader (free resource) is suggested.
      • Page Numbers: if you wish to have the page numbers indexed in the PDF report, select ‘Include’.
      • Prepared For: The name entered here will appear on the cover page, and as a footer on each page.
      • Prepared By:  The name entered here will appear only on the cover page.
      • Appendix Items to include in the PDF:
        • Projections: this will turn on/off the printing of the schedules that appear at the end of the PDF report.  To track numbers, or have the most detail, turn this on. If the report is too long, suggestion is to turn this off.
        • Assumptions: this turns on/off various assumptions that print out, including client information.
        • Additional Info: this turns on/off supplemental reports, such as Roth vs Traditional IRA information, IRMAA, and glossary

      Report Options

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