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      Business Interests
      Enter a descriptive name, the balance of the asset, the basis, the appreciation rate, the after tax income rate, the type of ownership, and who the beneficiary is, as of the valuation date found in Step 2: Assets and Liabilities.

      Answer yes or no to whether withdrawals are subject to income tax.

      If you indicate that the ownership of the asset is not joint, the Community Property box may be checked to indicate that community property rules will apply.

      Click the Contributions button to enter information about contributions that should be made.

      Click the Withdrawals button to enter information about withdrawals that should be made.

      Click OK when you have completed data entry.

      To change information about the asset, click on the name and the Edit button. To remove an asset from the list, click on the name and then the Delete button.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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