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      Indicate for each person (Owner, Spouse, Oldest Child) what you want to assume. Either the person survives the analysis (click No Death), dies in the year calculated by the software (click Calculated Year of Death), or dies in the year you enter (click Entered Year and enter the year).

      When the program is calculating projected years of death, it uses the owner’s single life expectancy to calculate the owner’s year of death. It uses the joint life expectancy of the owner and spouse to calculate the spouse’s year of death. This means that the spouse is always assumed to die after the owner (unless you enter the years of death explicitly).

      Is Death in First Quarter of Required Begin Date? If the date of death entered is within the same year as the Required Beginning Date (RBD) for distributions, and the death occurs in the first quarter of the year in which the owner turns age where an RMD is required, select “yes” otherwise, select “no.” Please see IRA Beneficiary Options for more details on how these calculations are performed.

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