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      Use the comparison graph to view a different scenario for the same calculation. For example, to compare different Charitable Remainder Annuity trusts (use your own values for the calculation or use the default settings of the program.) complete the following case:

      • Select the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust calculation by clicking the text on the left side of the screen or select the calculation from the Calculation pull-down menu.
      • Select Comparison Graph from the Tools pull-down menu (or click the Comparison Graph button located under the Menu Bar).
      • Click the Take Data from Current Calculation button and on the first panel, a bar graph will appear showing the FMV and the deduction of that trust. This information will also appear on the second panel in the form of a description chart.
      • In the description chart, click the area under the Visible column until an “X” appears for the CRAT. Be sure not to click the area under the Link column. Leave it blank to disable the Link feature.
      • Click the Close button.
      • Make the desired changes on the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust calculation (e.g., change the Percentage Payout to 5%).
      • Follow Steps 2 through 4, but this time activate the Link feature. Now that this scenario is linked, when you return to the CRAT calculation, you can make other changes to alter the results. This allows you to see how the original scenario looks compared to any new changes made to the calculation.

      NOTE: To use the Link feature, you must always Link the last scenario that is created. Therefore if you are comparing five scenarios only link the fifth one; otherwise, you will delete the information from one of the other present scenarios.

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