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      Click the Add Distribution button on the Income, Expenses, Contributions, and Distributions section to create a new Distribution and display the Distribution Information Window.

      Distributions are transfers from one of the retirement accounts to the Other Assets account. Any taxes generated by these distributions are paid by them prior to being reinvested. If you have checked Spend Distributions on this screen, then they are not saved in Other Assets. You do not have to enter minimum distributions. Those are calculated automatically based on the information you entered in the Main Inputs section. Whenever a distribution from an account is less than the minimum required from that account, the excess amount automatically distributed to the Other Assets, unless Spend Distributions has been checked.

      Enter the description, amount to distribute, the annual increase in that amount, and where the money should be distributed from.

      Distributions from a Roth IRA are not transferred to the Other Assets account.

      If you are looking for Pre-59½ Distributions Calculator, select Pre-59½ Distributions from the Quick Calcs menu on the top of the program.

      If you are looking for Lump Sum Distributions, go to the Main Inputs section and click the button next to Retirement Plan.

      Create based on Alternative 1’s After-Tax RMD is a feature available for Roth analysis. By selecting this feature, the program enters the after-tax RMDs from the IRA so equal amounts are being distributed from the IRA and the Roth.

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