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      You can use the Fill button to Replace, Add, or Subtract data from one Alternative or all of the Alternatives within the Custom Data Entry window.

      1. Click the Fill button.
      2. In the Annual Amount box, enter the amount that you want to enter into the entire column.
      3. In the Annual Increase in Amount box, enter the rate at which the Annual Amount will increase each year.
      4. Enter the span of years that the Annual Amount includes.
      5. In the Select the Alternatives to Change group box, click the Alternatives that the Annual Amount will affect. Skip this step if you are working with Living Expenses.
      6. Click Replace, Add, or Subtract.
        • Replace The program overwrites the existing values with the Annual Amount.
        • Add The program combines the data in the Fill window with the existing values.
        • Subtract The program decreases the existing values by the Annual Amount.
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