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      One of the major features of the Savings Bond Toolkit is its ability to automatically fill out and print bond reissue forms How does this work? Using a step-by-step process, the Savings Bond Toolkit allows you to enter all of the form information directly into the program. After you have entered the required information, the Savings Bond Toolkit works seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat Reader, allowing you to view and print forms in Portable Document Format (PDF).

      When you reissue a bond, the bond remains in the portfolio, but the program removes the bond value from the report totals.

      Use the Forms section to:

      • Select reissue forms.
      • Enter form data: Use the Step 2 and Step 3 tabs in the Forms section to enter the data that each form requires. If you have questions while entering data, print a blank form and view the detailed instructions that each form provides. To print a blank form, click the Print Blank Form button on the Step 1 tab.
      • Select bonds to reissue.
      • Preview forms. Clicking the Preview Form button that appears at the bottom of the Select Bonds tab opens the form in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Each form contains a page that displays the bonds that should be reissued. However, this page may not display all of the bonds that you have selected. This does not mean that the bonds will not print. The form page only has room for a certain number of bonds. The program will print any bonds that do not fit into this section on an additional page. Unfortunately, you cannot preview this additional page at this time.
      • Print completed forms.

      Note: You must prepare a separate reissue form for each Owner and Co-Owner/Beneficiary combination. The reason is that the forms only allow the signatures of two people.

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