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      1. Click the appropriate radio button to work with a CRAT/GRAT or CRUT/GRUT calculation.

      2. Transfer Date Enter the month and year (mm/yyyy).

      3. §7520 Rate The program automatically enters the correct §7520 discount rate if you have kept the AFR Rates Manager up-to-date. If the AFR Rates Manager is not up-to-date, the program shows a 30% value for the selected transfer date. The program automatically rounds the rate to the nearest 2/10 of 1% as required under §7520 .

      4. Trust Value at Death Enter the federal estate tax value of the assets in the trust.

      5. Total Annual Payments (appears only for CRATs/GRATs) Enter the total amount paid each year.

      6. Annual Payout Rate (appears only for CRUTs/GRUTs) Enter the annual payout rate.

      7. Payment Period Select the number of payments that were made each year (Annual, Semiannual, Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly.)

      8. Months Valuation Precedes Payout (appears only for CRUTs/GRUTs) Enter the number of full months by which the valuation date (for the assets of the unitrust) precedes the first payout in the first full taxable year of the trust (not the short first year).

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