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      Use the Insurance Section to enter life insurance policies. You can enter as many as you wish. Just click the New button beside the Insurance list. When you click the New button the program creates a new policy and shows the Insurance Information Window.

      Adding Insurance

      1. Click ‘New’.
      2. Then fill out the form as shown below.

      Use the Insurance Information Window to describe the insurance policy you are illustrating with the program.

      First enter a description of the policy and when the benefits pay out.

      • In the Insurance Premiums section, enter the years the premiums must be paid, how much the premiums are, the annual increase in those premiums, and where those premiums should be paid from.
      • In the Death Benefit section, enter the years the insurance covers, how much the death benefit would be (if the insured were to die during those years), the annual increase in that death benefit, and whether the death benefit is includible in the insured’s estate.
      • To illustrate a policy which does not have premiums due, or one that has premiums that are being paid from assets outside the analysis, simply set the Annual Premium to be $0.
      • Select which Alternatives the policy applies to.
      • Select which asset the premium is paid from.
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