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      Other Asset

      The Other Assets fund represents all assets that are not part of the Retirement Accounts. In many cases, an Other Assets fund contains a liquid and a non-liquid balance. The program allows you to separately enter these balances, their growth rates, and the tax rates on the growth.

      The liquid balance of the Other Assets fund grows at the rate you specify for each Alternative, and the growth is taxed at the rate you specify in the Taxes section.

      The non-liquid balance grows at the rate that you specify in the Other Assets section. The program does not tax the growth of the non-liquid balance.

      In addition, you can enter the amount of realized growth for the Other Assets on an annual basis.

      By default, the program reinvests Minimum Distributions in Other Assets. You can spend the minimum distributions by using the Input Assumptions window.

      The icon allows you to automatically calculate the other assets balance based on the conversion tax needed for an alternative. You may want to select the alternative with the greatest amount so there is enough in the other assets to pay the conversion tax needed when doing a Roth conversion analysis.

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