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      Outright Gift

      This case assumes that the client wishes to gift an individual asset directly to a beneficiary during lifetime. A simple gift is made of an asset (or portion of an asset) to one of the estate beneficiaries. It is assumed that the gift will be made in a lump sum prior to death. Gift taxes may result.

      Click the Edit button to set the specifications of the Outright Gift:

      • The name of the Outright Gift
      • To select the asset to use to fund this technique, click the ‘+’ button.
      • Verify the amount listed as Principal
      • The year in which the transfer takes place
      • Enter the number of donees.
      • Annual Exclusion Used Enter the annual amount of exclusion used on each donee.  For 2023, the maximum is $17,000.
      • Minority Discount Enter the discount.


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