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      View Sample Report.

      The printed report will feature detailed information about each strategy, as well as information on how the strategy impacts overall projections.
      Here are a few sample screenshots of reports that are included.  This is only a small subset of the reports that are provided.


      The Strategy Summary will give a top-down view of how the strategies compare.


      The Key Life Event report will print for each strategy selected (up to 5 selections are allowed).


      The Projection reports show details about the strategy, using a yearly schedule view.  A set will print out for each strategy.  These reports can be omitted in the Report Options section of the input screen.



      Strategy specific reports will printout with assumptions.   Seen below, is a snapshot of a CRUT.  It shows how the CRUT was calculated, as well as a flowchart to see how the unitrust payments will be made.

      CRUT Explanation


      IRMAA reports are included as supplemental information.  The program reports what the IRMAA would be based on the final Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).   The program does NOT treat the IRMAAs as an expense.  If that is desired, the user can enter them as expenses.

      IRMAA Projections



      Samples of additional information found in the appendix.


      Appendix 2

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