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      Select Reports: Select the reports that you want to include.

      • Standard Report The report generated by the Kugler Estate Analyzer presents the client’s current situation, followed by illustrations of each technique. Each technique illustration includes three sections: a narrative describing the technique, a flowchart showing the effect of the technique on the estate, and the details of what happens to the assets. After the techniques are listed, the taxes at death are illustrated, followed by a summary of planning results.
      • Follow Up Items
      • Analysis of Taxes at Death The Analysis of Taxes at Death report appears just before the Summary of Planning Results in the report. It illustrates the taxes that would be due at the death of each client. There are no income taxes shown on the qualified plans unless Liquidate Assets at Second Death is checked on the Calculation Assumptions window.
      • Calculation Assumptions
      • Disclosure Page To include a disclosure page on your report, check the Print Disclosure checkbox on the Report Options window. The disclosure page is a simple, one-page report that appears after the Cover Page and lets your client know that the report is simply an illustration and not a guarantee of future results.
      • Cover Page The cover page prints only when you have checked Print Cover Page on the Report Options window. The cover page presents your information as it has been entered on the Advisor Information window.
      • Expenses
      • Beneficiary Allocation This report lists the assets given to a named beneficiary and the future value of each asset. It does NOT account for any liabilities of the estate.
      • Asset Details When the Print Details checkbox on the Report Options window is checked, each technique is followed by an Asset Details report that illustrates the balances of the assets through the years. As with the Projected Effect flowcharts, this report includes all previous techniques. The detailed reports also include additional detail pages for many of the techniques.

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