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      General Inputs1

        • Home Button This will return you to the main menu
        • Question Mark (?) When you mouse over this, help topic links will be displayed
        • Import previous calculation Follow these steps. to upload a data file from your machine. The data files are encrypted, and stored on your local machine, usually in the ‘Downloads’ folder.


      General Inptus2


        • Clear Fields: Click this button to completely erase the form inputs.
        • Save Calculation: Click this button to save the data file. The name of the data file can be set with the PDF Name field (this will name the data file and PDF the same name). The data file is encrypted, and downloaded to your downloads folder. To ‘Open’ the data file, follow the steps for Importing Data files.
        • Calculate result (PDF): Click this button to create a PDF report, that is downloaded to your “Downloads” folder designated by your browser.
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