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      Note: RDP Web calculators use files having an .rdp file extension.

      There are two steps to uploading data files for RDP Web Calculators:

      Step 1. Click the Choose file button and navigate to the desired folder before clicking on the data file name and then click Open. The associated Upload button is grayed until a file is chosen.
      Note that a label below the Choose file button contains the name of the chosen data file. The file name may include the word ‘fakepath’ as part of the file name – this is done automatically by your browser in order to protect your computer from hackers.

      Step 2. Click the Upload button to upload the data file. Your inputs should contain the uploaded data when the upload is complete.

      Data file location is controlled by your browser. When you download your data files, your browser may let you choose a location for the data files or it may simply download the files to your Downloads folder. Brentmark recommends saving your data files to a sub-folder under the Brentmark folder of your Documents folder if you are given a choice of location.

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