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      The Report Designer allows you to create and modify reports using the program’s Available Values.

      To design an Analysis report:

      1. Click the Select Report button on the top of the window if you want to start from one of the reports already in the software.
      2. Type in a new Report Title for your report.
      3. Using your mouse, drag values from the Available Values on the left to the Constructed Report on the right. You can also drag them up and down in the Constructed Report list to place them in the order you’d like them.
      4. Click Save Report.

      To design a comparison report, drag a single value over from Available Values to Constructed Report and click Create Comparison.

      You can also use the Report Designer to erase a report. Select the report to be erased (using the Select Report button) and then click Erase Report. You will not be able to delete the standard reports – only the ones you’ve created.

      When you are done creating reports, click the OK button.

Viewing 0 reply threads
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