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      Report Options

      Note: The Total Distributions feature is a new report option. It runs totals of applicable columns.

      Use the Report Options window to format your reports and graphs for printing. The Report Options window allows you to create headings, format text and layout, and include other options for printing. All report options are automatically saved, so the next time you run the program, you don’t have to reformat your reports.

      • Creating a Heading for a Report: Type the text that you want to display at the top of your printed report.
      • Formatting Page Margins: Enter the Top, Bottom, Left, and Right page margins (in inches).
      • Formatting the Text of a Report
        1. Under the Fonts heading in the Report Options window, click the text you want to format. The Font dialog box appears.
        2. Select the Font, Style, Size, and Effects to apply to the text and click OK.
        3. Notice the description of the text in the Report Options window has changed.
      • Printing for Windows NT: If you are having problems printing, try changing this checkbox. Most printers support one of two styles of printing. This checkbox simply lets you toggle between them. It is located on the Report Options window.
      • Printing the Date and Time: In the Print Report window, click the Date and Time check boxes.
        Under the Select Printing Options heading in the Report Options window, click the Print Date and Print Time check boxes.
      • Selecting the Number of Copies to Print: To print multiple copies, enter the number of copies you’d like to print in the Number of Copies input field on the Print Report window.
      • Customizing the Report: From the Options menu, choose Report Options. From this screen you can customize the heading, fonts, and page margins and select printing options for the report. A check mark in the box next to an item indicates that the option will be included in the report.
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