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      You can enter your request directly into the program, and the program will automatically fill-out the request form, or you can print a form and complete it yourself. When you reissue a bond, the bond remains in the portfolio, but the program removes the bond’s value from the report totals.

      To reissue a bond

      1. Click the Forms button on the toolbar. The Forms section appears.
      2. Click the form appropriate to the request. If you would like to print a blank form, click Print Blank Form. The blank forms contain general and detailed instructions that may answer any questions you have while completing the forms.
      3. Near the top of the forms section, notice the Step tabs. Use the Step tabs to enter the information that each form requires.
      4. Use the Select Bonds tab to select the bonds for which you are requesting reissues.
      5. Click the Preview Form button that appears near the bottom of the Select Bonds tab. The form loads into Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can print the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or you can close the Adobe Acrobat Reader and print the form from the Savings Bond Toolkit.
      6. Click the Print Form button located at the bottom of the Select Bonds tab. A confirmation prompt appears, indicating that the forms will print to the default printer.
      7. Click Yes to print the forms. A second prompt appears. If you click Yes to indicate that the bonds are reissued, the program selects the Reissued check box in the Portfolio section and displays the date on which you print the form. Remember, the program leaves the Reissued bonds in the portfolio, but removes their values from the report totals. If you click No, the program prints the form, but does not indicate that the bonds are Reissued and does not remove their values from the report totals.

      NOTE: When you Print from the Forms section and your selected printer is different than your default printer, the program overrides your selected printer and prints the forms to your default printer.

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