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      Roth Conversion
      The program handles 100% conversions and multiple partial conversions for each of the four alternatives. Simply type in the amount you’d like to convert for the year it should be converted. Any number less than 101 is treated as a percentage. Press the Enter key after entering the number to see it get formatted appropriately.

      Click a link below to learn more information:

      Select the Case Analyzer to enter your data for a quick conversion. Follow the inputs on the screen for data entry, then click calculate to review the results of your entry. To revise these entires and add more details, work in the main section.

      If you’d like some help entering a Roth IRA Conversion, click the Conversion Calculator button on the top right corner of the Roth IRA Conversions screen. This calculator gives you quick access to the four most popular methods of doing a Roth IRA Conversion.

      Conversion Calculator

      Especially note the Minimize Income Taxes choice on that window. You can tell the software to convert as much as possible over a range of years without ever letting the client go into a higher tax bracket.

      If you are evaluating a Roth IRA Conversion, please take a look at our Roth Conversion Analysis.

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