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      The Print Report window lists all of the program’s reports and graphs. Select the report(s) that you want to print.

      Distributions Summary Report

      Beneficiaries Report

      (Year) Minimum Distributions Report

      Plan Balance Graph: Graphs the annual plan balance. If Track Accumulated Distributions has been selected in the Report Options, this graph also includes the total amount distributed.

      Distributions Graph: Displays the annual distribution.

      Pre-59½ Distribution: (Year) Distribution Illustrates the calculation of the substantially equal periodic payment necessary in the Distribution Year entered on the Pre-59½ Distributions window.

      Pre-59½ Distributions

      Pre-59½ Comparison: The Pre-59½ Distributions Calculator window displays results in the Pre-59½ Comparison report. This report compares the dollar amounts of annual distributions for each of the three Distribution Methods. In order to create the Pre-59½ Comparison report, you need to enter a “Reasonable” Interest Rate, and you need to select a Mortality Table, no matter which Distribution Method you use.

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