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      To select a bond, simply click a bond in the Portfolio List. The Selected Bond details appear in the part of the window pictured below. Use this section to Add or Delete a bond from a portfolio or Update the Selected Bond details. Also, you can use this section to Find a bond in a portfolio. As you enter information or delete a bond, the report totals reflect your changes.

      Note: For faster data entry when entering bonds with sequential serial numbers, use the clipboard:

      • Enter the serial number of the first bond in the series.
      • Highlight the serial number.
      • Click the Control key and the Insert key on your keyboard.
      • Click Control N or the New Bond button to get a blank input field
      • Hit the Shift key and the Insert key to fill in the serial number.

      From there you can change the part of the original serial number that is different instead of keying in the entire bond number.


          • Bond Portfolio Redemption Date This is the date for which the program values a bond portfolio. It does not have to be the actual date of the bond’s maturity. By default, the program uses the current date. To enter another date, clear the Use Current Date check box and enter a date in month/year format.
          • Serial Number Enter the Serial Number as it appears on the bond. If you enter a valid Serial Number, the program automatically enters the Bond Series and the Face Value of the bond.
          • Bond Series Select the Bond Series. The program handles Series E, S, EE, I, H, and HH bonds.  Note: If you enter a valid Serial Number, the program automatically enters the Bond Series and the Face Value of the bond.
          • Face Value Select the bonds Face Value as it appears in the top-right corner of the bond. The Face Value is not always the purchase price.  Note: If you enter a valid Serial Number, the program automatically enters the Bond Series and the Face Value of the bond. The letter prefix on savings bond serial numbers indicates the face value of the bond as follows:
            • Q = $25
            • L = $50
            • K = $75
            • C = $100
            • R = $200
            • D = $500
            • M = $1000
            • V = $5000
            • X = $10000
        • Issue Date Enter the bond Issue Date in month/year format. You may also use the up and down arrows to select a date. The dates in parentheses indicate the range of valid issue dates for the current Bond Series and Face Value.
        • Owner Enter the name of the bond owner as it appears on the bond. Notice the down arrow on the right side of owner box. Click the arrow to view a list of the owners in the portfolio. When entering a new bond, you can select the owner from the list. Selecting an owner from the list also enters that owner’s Social Security Number.
        • Owner Social Security Number (SSN) Enter the bond owner’s social security number as it appears on the bond.
        • Ownership Select how the bond is registered.  Note: The co-owner or beneficiary field will ONLY appear if ownership is NOT single.
          • Click single if only the owner’s name appears on the bond.
          • Click with co-owner if a co-owner’s name appears on the bond. The co-owner has a current interest and future interest in the bond.
          • Click with beneficiary if a beneficiary’s name appears on the bond. The beneficiary has no current interest in the bond.
      • Reissued Check Box A check mark in this box indicates that a bond has been reissued. You can click the check box at any time to mark a bond as reissued. Or if you have used the forms section to reissue a bond, and you have indicated that the program should mark the bond as reissued, this check box is selected, and a label appears bearing the form number and the date of re-issuance.
      • Redeemed Check Box If the Selected Bond has been redeemed, sold, or cashed-in, you can select the Redeemed check box. When you select the Redeemed check box, the bond remains in the portfolio, but the program removes the bond’s value from the report totals.

      Updating a Bond In the Portfolio List, click the bond to update. The details of the Selected Bond appear in the right side of the window. As you edit the Selected Bond, the Update Bond button appears. The program updates the bond each time you:

      • Press Enter or Tab on your keyboard.
      • Press F9 on your keyboard.
      • Click the Update Bond button.
      • Click another input box.
      • Click the Portfolio List.

      Adding a New Bond When entering a new bond, the words (New_Bond) appear in the Serial Number box and in the Portfolio List. As you enter the bond details, the program appropriately positions the bond in the Portfolio List and updates the report totals. There are four ways to add a bond to a portfolio:

      • On the Edit menu, click New Bond.
      • In the Portfolio section, click the New Bond button.
      • On the keyboard, press Ctrl+N.
      • If the last click occurred in the Portfolio List, press the Insert key on the keyboard.

      Deleting a Bond  In the Portfolio List, click the bond that you want to delete.  Delete the bond one of the following ways:

      • Click the Delete Bond button.
      • Click Delete Bond on the File menu.
      • Press the Delete key on your keyboard.

      Finding A Bond  You can quickly search for a bond using its serial number. You can begin your search one of the following ways:

      • On the Edit menu, click Find Bond.
      • On the Portfolio section, click Find Bond.
      • On your keyboard, click Control+F


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