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      While some techniques in the software do not require you to select an asset (Credit Shelter Trust, Life Insurance Trust, etc.), most must be funded by a single asset. For these techniques, click the “plus” button next to the “Asset to Use” input on the technique window.

      Different techniques have different limitations on which assets can be used to fund them. The asset selection window displays unavailable assets in gray italics.

      Some of the limitations are:

      • Special Use Valuation and QPRT Techniques: Real Estate Assets only
      • Family Limited Partnership, Sale To Grantor Trust, GRAT, Rolling GRAT: Business Assets, Real Estate, Liquid, and Non-liquid Assets only.
      • Testamentary Charitable Gift, Outright Gift, Annual Exclusion Gift, CRUT, CRAT, CLAT: Business Assets, Real Estate, Liquid and Non-liquid Assets, and Qualified Plans only
      • CRUT as IRA Beneficiary: Qualified Plans only
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