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      Use the Select Bonds tab, in the Forms section, to select the bonds for which you are requesting reissues. A portion of the Select Bonds tab appears below.

      Bonds Reissue

      Selecting Forms To select a form, use the Step 1 tab in the Forms section. The program includes the following forms:

        • Form 1851 Request to Reissue United States Savings Bonds to a Personal Trust
        • Form 4000 Request to Reissue United States Savings Bonds (change name, beneficiary, co-owner, or registration)
        • Form 1455 Request by Fiduciary for Reissue of United States Savings Bonds/Notes

      Note: You may print a blank form in order view the detailed instructions that each form provides. To print a blank form, click the Print Blank Form button on the Step 1 tab. Form 4000 part A has two entry fields for the “extent of reissue.” One is in Part A for SERIES EE AND SERIES I BONDS and one is one Part B for SERIES HH BONDS. The extent of reissue can be either a full reissue (100%) or a fractional reissue. Express a fractional reissue in dollar or percentage terms. All bonds in schedule A must have the same extent of reissue while all bonds in schedule B must have the same extent of reissue.

      Select Bonds Tab: Owner The Owner determines which bonds you can select. Click in the Owner drop-down list and select an Owner.

      Select Bonds Tab: Co-Owner/Beneficiary Click the Co-Owner check box or click the Beneficiary check box and select the appropriate name from their respective drop-down lists. You can also clear both check boxes. Notice that the bottom portion of the Select Bonds tab displays bonds associated with the Owner and Co-Owner/ Beneficiary that you’ve selected. NOTE: You must prepare a separate reissue form for each Owner and Co-Owner/Beneficiary combination. The reason is that the forms only allow the signatures of two people.

      Select Bonds Tab: Series Type Click the Series types check boxes that identify the series of bonds for which you want to request reissues.

      Select Bonds Tab: Issue Dates You may only want to select bonds that were issued within a Range of Issue Dates. Or you can select All bonds of the specified Series Types that were issued in the names of the Owner and Co-Owner/Beneficiary that you’ve selected.

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