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      When a spouse is included in an analysis, the program assumes a spousal rollover after the plan owner’s death. In years prior to 2003, the Spousal Rollover button will also give an indication of the type of calculation which will be performed after the rollover (either hybrid or term certain). See the discussion of the regulations for more information about these choices.

      When you indicate that the Spouse Rolls Over the IRA, the program uses the Spouse as the new owner for purposes of calculating RMDs starting in the year of the election/rollover (except for the year of the Owner’s Death). If the surviving spouse is not yet 70½ and born on or before 6/30/1949, or age 72 and born on or after 7/1/1949, then there is no RMD in the year of the rollover. According to IRS Treas. Reg. §1.408-8, A-5(a), fifth and sixth sentences; if the surviving spouse (as the sole beneficiary) makes an election to treat an inherited IRA as her own in any year after the year of the Owner’s death, the election is retroactive to the beginning of the year in which the election occurs.

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