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      Select the planning techniques that you wish to illustrate to your clients. Double-click a technique in the Available Techniques list to select it. If more data entry is required, a window will appear prompting you for that information. To edit a technique in the Selected Techniques list, either double-click it, or click it once and then click the Edit button. To remove a technique from the Selected Techniques list, click it once and then click the Delete button.

      You can illustrate more than one instance of the same technique. For example, if you wished to put multiple assets into an FLP, you could add multiple FLPs to the analysis, each with its own asset.

      Before selecting which Techniques to illustrate, decide which style of illustration best fits your client. The program offers two different types of flowcharts. For those clients who have already had some planning done, check the box labeled “Has Planning Been Done Previously?” and select the technique called Previous Planning to indicate what planning has already been completed.

      Flowcharts for clients who have already had planning done are substantially different. They organize the information differently, focusing on the second death and showing more details.

      The Assumptions button (located on the bottom right corner of the screen) is very important. This is where you indicate basic planning assumptions for the client.

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